Maui - the most beautiful of the islands

Ka'anapali BeachThe second biggest island is divided into two parts by a broad valley which is towered by a sleeping volcano.

The smaller western part of Maui offers first rate tourist facilities. The famous whaling port, Lahaina, is to be found here, whose biggest attractions are a huge Indian fig tree and a swimming museum in the harbour - here you can imagine what a whaler‘s life must have been like and you can go whale watching.

Many people regard Maui as the most Hawaiian island among all the islands. They regard its beaches as the most picturesque. There are sandy bays surrounded by rocks, lush valleys with rushing waterfalls, rain forests and huge plantations on which a variety of tropical fruits are grown.

Towering above the island there is the mighty volcano Haleakala (10023 ft high) with its cooled off craters on whose slopes you see cattle grazing. You can hike or go on horseback across the interesting crater landscape. If you stay at the top over night or go to the top along the winding street early in the morning you are rewarded with a Hollywood style sunrise.

Wailua is one of the most beautiful places - crystal clear water flows through seven pools until it finally reaches the sea. This is a good place for a swim.

The small island Kahoolaw off the southwest coast of Maui served as a test area for the US-Navy, that is why it is off-limits for all civilians.

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