Molokai - the "Friendly Island"

Already for a long time the residents of Molokai have advertised their island as "Friendly Island", but so far not so many tourists have gone to Molokai.

The reason for this is to be found in Molokai‘s past. The leper colony, Kalaupapa, was at the north coast of this banana shaped island, that is why people avoided the island at all costs.

Today the population of this secluded island has dwindled to only about 100 elderly people. They show you around, if you want to see the island. You are no longer in danger of catching the disease.

The people on the island are very friendly and you can spend your holidays in a mountain region covered with pine forest. You can hike in the "Spine of the Island" and across the beautiful Halawa valley - a paradise for persevering hikers or people who prefer driving across it in a Jeep.

You can have fun riding on a mule on the Jack London Trail. It is a steep mountain trail for goats with many bends leading down from the crater of the Kahako. Another nice place to go to is the "Molokai Ranch Wildlife Park" with giraffes, antelopes, impalas, ostriches and Berber sheep.

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